Airfreight Sales Manager (Shenzhen)

Job Details

1、Monitor all sales’ performance, set up systematic management mechanism, collecting sales report, checking CRM report, organizing weekly sales meeting, lead sales team towards weekly/monthly/yearly budget fulfilment in terms of Vol/Rev/GP; Train new Sales.
2、Set up systematic management mechanism, Monitor all ZLCSHH’s existing Air weekly performance and Air Vol target fulfilment ratio.
3、Support and help solve problems for all sales to achieve 100% fulfilment ratio of all Air Vol target and never stop to enlarge the target.
4、Set up selling guideline rate, maintain good relationship with all related Air vendors.
5、Develop more Air products on top of ZLCSHH’s existing ones inclusive but not limit to charter flight, block space, etc.
6、Follow all tasks assigned by management inclusive but not limited to KA/Projects/Products/Market promotion/Oversea agent Co-op, etc.
7、Involve in new initiatives including E-Comm and outsourcing products, etc.; proactively share new idea for company’s development; be more creative and proactive thinking.
8、Have precautions against any potential bad debt risk including but not limit to long term outstanding, D&D., Air freight, cancelation fee, etc.


What Do We Need?

1、At least 5 years of working experience at sales managerial position in Air Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions.
2、Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
3、Self-confidence and appropriate appearance and ability to make clear statements/presentations.
4、Good relationship with Air lines and agents.
5、Must be fluent in Chinese and English.
6、Willing to accept pressure, strong sense of responsibility, creative thinking and proactive acting, strong sense of team honor and team achievement.