Key Account (Shenzhen)

Job Details

1. Responsible for following up daily quotations, project implement, internal and external coordination, unexpected cases handling and customer complaints of cross-border eCommerce platform.
2. According to the requirement of customer business, establish SOP and internal SOP guidance, organize online and offline meetings irregularly.
3. Responsible for establishing and optimize customer service solution. Ensure service solution and quotation own marketing competitive advantages.
4. Responsible for customer relationships maintenance and business excavation. Ensure more orders continue to be supported by customers, thereby increasing customer stickiness and share;
5. Issue monthly reports to key account operations to customers and the management of company team on a monthly basis to provide a basis for customers and the company's strategy.
6. Assist completing other mission assigned by manager or superiors.

What We Do Need?

1. College degree or above, No major limitation. English must be considered as working language.
2. More than 3 years work experiences of sales or key account in cross-border eCommerce logistics, shipping and airline company or well-known forwarders. Have cross-border work experience or direct customer resources would be preferred.
3. Familiar with US LINES forwarders, Bonded warehousing, Cross-border eCommerce logistics industry, For example, Cross-border small parcel, F-ocean transportation, F-air transportation, Overseas warehousing, Value added service, Drop shipping from overseas warehouses, End distribution and Return to vendor, etc.
4. Have excellent skills of customer relationships. Ability of establishing project schemes and solving problems.

What Do We Offer?

1. Competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package.
2. Diverse career opportunities help you to develop in an all-around way in both of your mind and professional skills.
3. An inspiring working environment
4. Professional training opportunities