Airfreight Sales (Shanghai/Shenzhen/Suzhou)

Job Details

1. Develop new customers and new business models for international air freight forwarding business
2. Communicate and cooperate with other business departments to implement sales plan.
3. Cooperate with operations team to provide relevant air freight solutions to customers.
4. Complete sales report and business volume summary regularly.
5. Cooperate with finance department to collect accounts receivable.
6. Help to increase the volume and profit for air freight of the company.
7. Design and optimize the company’s existing or new air products to improve the profit margin.
8. Improve capital operation efficiency and eliminate potential business risks.
9. Cross-selling by sea and air and e-commerce to expand the sales arrangement.
10. Other work assigned by leader.


What Do We Need?

1. At least 3 years working experience in the international air freight forwarding industry.
2. Professional sales skills, good interpersonal and team work skill.
3. A high degree of professionalism and sense of responsibility.
4. Proficient skills in written and oral Chinese and English.
5. Good experience in use of relevant IT office applications.
6. Have air logistics project and direct customers priority.


What Do We Offer?
1. Competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package.
2. Diverse career opportunities help you to develop in an all-around way in both of your mind and professional skills.
3. An inspiring working environment
4. Professional training opportunities